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No calculations and much less’biscotti‘, sì al turn over. Roberto Mancini is approaching in this state of mind the last match of the group stage of Euro 2020. The Wales, with 400 fans with tickets in tow, but it is feared that many more will arrive (some say five thousand) who, not having the coupon to watch the game live, will delight restaurateurs and pub managers. The army of the Dragon always brings with him many supporters, as well as the red and white rugby team which in Wales is the most loved national team (and this year it won the 6 Nations), but Mancini’s blues are certainly not like those of the oval ball, and football values , it is hoped, they will remain the usual ones.

It is also the hope of the coach, who certainly does not make calculations on what to do, perhaps losing and being overtaken by finishing second in the group and avoiding the part of the board where there is the risk of finding Belgium e France.
But certain things are not part of the mentality of this coach thanks to whom Italy is unable to lose and has been defined as the most beautiful in the European Championship “surely we are good guys”, said Mancini at the conference.
Someone will surely have to breathe and there will be room for others: see Verratti and see Bernardeschi. And again, an opportunity for Belotti who is now really pawing.
So, turn over or not, the Azzurri should adjust accordingly, as Mancini asks them and bring home the full result, to continue on the long and winding path of Euro 2020 and to give a signal also to the opponents.
Italy is there and wants to raise the crest.


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