Italy under the African hood: severe thunderstorms risk

Italy under the African hood: severe thunderstorms risk
Italy under the African hood: severe thunderstorms risk

ITALY UNDER THE AFRICAN CANICOLA, SEVERE HEAT WAVE IN THE SOUTH – “The next few days will be decidedly hot in Italy but in particular in the South, where a severe African heat wave is brewing” – confirms the meteorologist Edoardo Ferrara who explains – “for several days the southern regions will be able to touch peaks of 40 ° C on inland areas, if not even higher than 42-43 ° C on Sicily. A few degrees less along the coasts but with high humidity and temperatures perceived in any case very high “.

AFA AT THE STARS, PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT AND TROPICAL NIGHTS – “The heat will also be made more oppressive by the heat, which will sometimes be high in particular on the coastal sectors, in large urban areas and in the Po Valley” – warns Ferrara of – “in this way, however, 38-40 ° C even where the maximum temperatures will stop at 30-32 ° C. Not only that, but with the accumulation of heat day after day you will begin to suffer even in the evening and in the first night, especially in large cities where the release of heat will be slower and will interact with the increase in relative humidity. of the evening hours. Therefore, pay attention to possible physical discomfort, especially for the weakest subjects “.

IN THE NORTH LOCALIZED BUT VIOLENT TEMPORALS, BEWARE OF THE ALPS – “In the meantime, Northern Italy will suffer from infiltrations of more unstable Atlantic air, which could trigger some showers or thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, given the presence of hot and humid air. Attention has been paid in particular to the Alps, primarily the central-western ones, where sudden storms will be possible not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening and during the night with peaks of over 40-50mm in a short time and consequent critical issues. Some violent thunderstorms may also affect the Prealps and Piedmont, in isolation the Po Valley “- conclude from


Italy African hood severe thunderstorms risk

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