Wonderful evening at the Roman Balera, with the fashion show

Rome, 20 June 2021 – Another brilliant event last night at the Balera Romana in via Nomentana n.1111, by Claudio Gregori, Franco Amici and Emilia Grasso with their children Luciana and Marco Imperatori, with the brilliant performance orchestra of Gabriele Dezi with the musicians Stefano and Paolo.

The highlight of the evening is there fashion show by Fabio and Giada’s ‘Dancing Day’ tailoring, based in Rome, via Cinisi 19, tel. 06/2072388, specializing in prom dresses for competition, but also for evening and ceremony, as well as – on specific request – wedding dresses with particular patterns and workmanship.

Artifice of the evening, the organization of “TiDà” events, Arturo Cianca and Roberta Cocco.

Arturo Cianca, a past in the Air Force and a passion for dance, with almost 40 years of experience in the entertainment sector.

Roberta Cocco, with love for dance and singing, she boasts the experience of having worked in the fashion industry, with bearing and modeling courses, parading for Armani pre’t a porter and in the field of advertising for L’Oreal (now Roberta is thinking of copying my hairstyle, but I will never give her the name of my hairdresser!)

“The love relationship with Arturo and the creation of the” TiDà “, which are the initials of our grandchildren Tiziano and Damiano, was born from the passion for dancing”, continues Roberta. “

That joy and passion for the show is the strength of ‘TiDà’ that allows you to organize evenings like the one we then attended yesterday, complete in all its parts, with the obvious approval and collaboration of Balera Romana.

For the show, the “TiDà” involved her group of friends who happily accepted this request for a new experience.

Many did not know each other but quickly managed to blend, happy to wear the clothes of the tailor’s shop ‘Dancing Day’.

Their names are, in strict alphabetical order: Adriana, Alessandra, Daniela, Dilaila, Elena, Federica, Lucilla, Maddalena, Nicolle, Nicoletta, Sabrina and Simona.

To start the evening, always in full compliance with the anticovid rules, thanks to the performance and engaging interpretation of the orchestra of Gabriele Dezi, the essay of the dance group of Maestra Maria Bellomo.

Thus began the parade of “debutante models ” who were able to professionally present the clothes worn, arousing the spontaneous applause of the many present in the room.

At the end of the parade, on the dance floor, the group photo of the models, with the lady on stage Emilia Grasso with Arturo Cianca.

To conclude the evening, the music of Gabriele Dezi’s orchestra as well as some Karaoke performances, always with anticovid previsions.

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