husband attempted to strangle his son

husband attempted to strangle his son
husband attempted to strangle his son

The 41-year-old Mexican who yesterday killed his 48-year-old compatriot wife in Arese, in the province of Milan, was arrested and is currently in the San Vittore prison. The man was arrested last night for the murder of his wife and the attempted murder of his 18-year-old son. The couple has three children, one adult and two minors. According to what emerged, the 18-year-old was sleeping on the sofa at home yesterday morning and when he woke up to find his father in front of him, who tried to talk to him. The relationship between the two was not idyllic, so much so that the boy avoided the conversation. The 41-year-old then walked away and came back holding a nylon belt in his hand saying to his son ‘I killed your mother and now it’s your turn’.

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The man then attempted to strangle the young man, who resisted, and after pretending to faint he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes, the rescuers were already at home. To alert the neighbors of what happened was the couple’s 15-year-old son. The man in the meantime had barricaded himself in the bathroom and was found with injuries. Last night he was discharged with a prognosis of 10 days from the Garbagnate hospital, where he had been transported, and taken to the barracks.

There the 41-year-old availed himself of the right to remain silent. The interrogation under guarantee is now awaited, as well as the autopsy of the dead wife, to establish the causes of death. The woman was found with a stab wound in the browbone and petechiae in her eyes, a probable sign of suffocation.


husband attempted strangle son

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