Policeman shoots to stop armed man in Termini, information sent to the prosecutor

Policeman shoots to stop armed man in Termini, information sent to the prosecutor
Policeman shoots to stop armed man in Termini, information sent to the prosecutor
The Ghanaian citizen was in serious condition, but not in danger of life, hit Saturday afternoon by a gunshot fired by a policeman during an intervention in via Marsala, near Termini station. The man, 44, from Ghana, was arrested after being spotted holding a knife, used to threaten officers after causing panic among passers-by. One of the policemen, to stop him, shot him hitting him in the leg.

A first report has already been sent by the Polfer policemen on the incident. The videos showing the intervention have also arrived at the prosecutor’s office, from the moment in which the man pulled out the knife from the gunshot to the stop. According to what emerged from sources from the Police Headquarters, “the man had already been responsible for some episodes that had connoted his social danger. In the past he had damaged some sacred statues present in some churches in Rome, then manifesting hatred attitudes towards the policemen. Furthermore, in April 2020, he was surprised several times in St. Peter’s Square and denounced for resistance and threat to a public official as well as for offense to a religious confession and in June of this year he was again denounced for damage and injuries because he was responsible for throwing bottles against the Islamic center in Via San Vito in Rome; a circumstance in which the Imam was also injured “, explain from San Vitale.

Regarding the position of the 44-year-old, irregular on the Italian territory, difficulties also emerged related to the attribution of nationality due to the failure to complete the recognition procedures at the Consular Authorities of Gambia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana started in 2017 which made no the expulsion procedures against him can be carried out. In addition to the information from PolFer, the images taken and disseminated on social media are also being examined by the Judiciary.

“Stopping an upset is not an easy thing, the colleague was also very professional and we hope he will not suffer consequences for having done his duty – was the comment of Fabio Conestà, general secretary of the Autonomous Police Union Movement (Mosap) – Meanwhile, we are urged once again to invoke the taser. That man armed with a knife could have killed. “

“Last night’s intervention at the Termini station, which saw several agents engaged in rendering inoffensive a multiple prejudiced person who, in an evident state of alteration, threatened several people by brandishing a knife, urgently re-proposes the issue of electric pulse pistols to be used for law enforcement. Only the calm and coolness of the policemen intervened meant that no innocent citizen was injured, forcing a policeman to shoot the man in the leg who in the meantime had moved, still armed, to via Marsala ” , read in a note by the spokesman of the national police officers association, Girolamo Lacquaniti, commenting on the fact.

“For years now, we have been reaffirming how electric impulse guns represent an indispensable tool for dealing with the increasingly frequent operational dynamics where armed and out of control subjects expose the operators of the police force to enormous risks and the burdensome responsibility of being forced to use of the firearm – he underlines – To those who show perplexity in the need to equip women and men of the police with these tools, we reiterate that the electric pulse pistols represent the least harmful and most effective tool for protecting the physical integrity of all: citizens, police forces and criminals themselves “. “We hope that this umpteenth episode, managed with great professionalism by the intervening agents, may be an opportunity for a definitive reflection on the need and urgency of modernizing the armament of the police force”, concludes Lacquaniti.

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