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Liliana Iadarola’s reply to the Foggia commissioner Bignami

Liliana Iadarola’s reply to the Foggia commissioner Bignami
Liliana Iadarola’s reply to the Foggia commissioner Bignami

Liliana Iadarola did not take it well. And the intervention of the new commissioner of the Brothers of Italy regarding the activation of the disciplinary procedure of suspension from the party as “superfluous” – email sent to the city councilor on March 31 and in which a series of articles of the statute are recalled of the guarantee regulation and the party’s code of ethics.

The municipal councilor of Foggia, who ended up in the media meat grinder for wiretapping with Fabio Delli Carri on video surveillance in the city, just over an hour after Bignami’s email letter – in which she also proposed the expulsion of Bruno Longo – asked a meeting for clarification, “considering the delicacy and groundlessness of the accusations addressed to the same and already widely denied” he underlines.

“It should be remembered that as a party man, for the sake of the party and to protect the image of the party and all representatives, the undersigned had already suspended herself on March 17, 2021, so with a delay of 14 days an unnecessary measure is adopted , from my point of view. The suspicion arises spontaneously. What has he been told that he does not consider it appropriate to meet me, let alone answer me? “. On April 2, 2021, two days later, I learned again from the press that Mr. Bignami declared among other things that Fratelli Di Italia will act as a civil party in criminal proceedings that may involve “subjects who have improperly thought of approaching the movement.” I ask him what process are we talking about? Perhaps he has escaped that I personally am not the recipient of no criminal or civil measures, as I have already reiterated several times ”

And again, adds the city councilor in a press release, “in this regard I want to recall a cardinal principle of criminal law,” criminal responsibility (if there should be) is personal, transitive property is not a principle of criminal law but of mathematics . And again, on the declaration of “subjects who have improperly considered to approach the movement” perhaps even here he was not told that it was not I who approached the party. I reserve the right to clarify this further circumstance in the uses and methods that in this period is a trend that is media and in the appropriate locations with subsequent documentation ”

Iadarola continues: “I trusted in Mr. Bignami who as honorable and appointed commissioner, of such an important party as Fratelli Di Italia – being a delicate but above all personal issue and beyond the error of judgment, which should not exist but can be there, because maybe induced by someone – had the sensitivity, which should harbor in every human being to understand that an episode, I would say “doubt”, at least to answer me. This action leads me to think that instead of the heart there is a stone, since in my opinion, a person cannot make such a rash decision without giving the party in question the opportunity to be heard ”

“We are not in a regime!” concludes and thunders.

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