direct line with the CTS and war on those who resist – Il Tempo

direct line with the CTS and war on those who resist – Il Tempo
direct line with the CTS and war on those who resist – Il Tempo

No more skidding, we need to stay on the right course to definitively defeat Covid and win the war with the pandemic. Mario Draghi’s message to his government team is clear and now the Premier will adopt a new strategy to walk the final stretch of the road that leads to post-virus light. The Corriere della Sera highlights that an increasingly close triangulation has been set up between the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the structure of Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. From Palazzo Chigi there will then be more direct communications with the CTS and in particular with Franco Locatelli and Silvio Brusaferro, the two major representatives.

The problem between Draghi and Roberto Speranza concerns the structure of the Ministry of Health, from which in recent times inaccurate or incomplete messages would have come out, or in any case not in line with the “total transparency” desired by the former banker. Especially for documents that come out of the Health Prevention Department and that do not respect the dictates of the CTS. But Corsera always reveals that Draghi and his staff are also perplexed by the structure of the Ministry of Education, which, like that of Health, does not sometimes implement, or even hinder the choices of the government. Draghi is very annoyed by the resistance of certain offices and sectors of the public administration, which do not help to carry out political decisions. On the contrary, they hinder them.

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