He kills his wife, also arrested for attempted murder of his son – Lombardy

The father told him ‘I killed your mother now it’s your turn’

He also tried to strangle his 18-year-old son, Jaime Moises Rodriguez Diaz, the 41-year-old Mexican who yesterday killed his wife Silvia Susana Villegas Guzman, in their home in Arese, the town in the province of Milan where they had moved from Mexico for about a month.
From what has been reported, the man, at dawn yesterday, after the murder of the woman, in the living room of the house said to the boy “I killed your mother and now it’s your turn”. Then he would try to strangle him with a nylon belt. The young man managed to defend himself. There was often friction between the two because of the authoritarian character of the father. Rodriguez Diaz, after being medicated at the Garbagnate hospital, was arrested and transferred to the San Vittore prison, accused of murdering his wife and also the attempted murder of his first son.


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kills wife arrested attempted murder son Lombardy

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