“Enough, this time I’ll cut my throat”

“Enough, this time I’ll cut my throat”
“Enough, this time I’ll cut my throat”

Fabrizio Corona again clashes with the police. The former paparazzi king received a visit from a group of police officers – nine, according to Corona – last night after reports of noises coming from his home in Milano. Corona has documented everything on Instagram, with a series of stories and a post showing the moments of tension following the arrival of the policemen. The agents, despite the bickering, note that the verification of the noise report gave a negative result.

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Fabrizio Corona, threats of self-harm

“Come and get me and lock me up again. ‘I’m around I cut my throat. You know the address, it is always the same. And you also know him well apparently », writes Fabrizio Corona in one of the Instagram stories published last night. And he adds: «I’m tired, I can’t take it anymore, I ask you please, I ask the President of the Republic. Let me live my legal life in peace with my immense problems ». The umpteenth chapter of a story not only judicial, but which increasingly leads to the human drama.

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