“Female paths in Rome” – On June 27, a night walk on the trail of the female characters who have inhabited the city

Traveling presentation of the book by Enza Plotino “Female paths in Rome”

Sunday 27 June, from 6.30 pm

appointment at the Touring Point in Rome (Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, 62/65)

for a night walk through the districts of Campo Marzio, Trevi, Pigna and Colonna,

Enza Plotino says:

Women’s paths in Rome is my book / guide (published by Edizioni All Around) which tells, through dedicated itineraries in the city, the female characters who have inhabited Rome but that history has never mentioned, inaugurates a unique experience: a night walk through the districts of Campo Marzio, Trevi, Pigna and Colonna, discovering the female figures who inhabited those streets and buildings. It is the Italian Touring Club that promotes this “daring” initiative to rewrite the history of the city by putting in their place, in their rightful place, the extraordinary female figures who lived and worked in pre-Christian Rome as well as in the city of salons and battles: combining a literary work resulting from a long historical research with a simple tourist guide: translating the “high” culture of an elite to make it stories and images within the reach of ordinary people. Extraordinary women discovered by one passionate storyteller.

Today was the time to restore life and voice to musicians, painters, intellectuals, patriots, courtesans, architects and relocate them to the places of their existence.

The book / guide takes up the ancient form of the itinerary in a Rome that was the crossroads and origin of the arts in which many women have left their mark. He wants to bring out female protagonism and make it known to travelers and female travelers of our time.

A treasure hunt more than a tour guide in the streets of a city.

The common denominator of the experiences that I wanted to uncover is the difficulty, sometimes at the cost of life itself (Agnese), to affirm a personal talent or more simply a potential predisposition. Everything has always passed through the willingness of the men who wrote history to open up spaces.

Good walk

For information

link to the Italian Touring Club website


Female paths Rome June night walk trail female characters inhabited city

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