Center-left primaries: over 13 thousand voters in Bologna at 12, in Rome “23 thousand votes arrived at 13”. Caudo’s controversy: “Violations of the seats”

At 12 o’clock the Democratic party could pull the first sigh of relief on participation in primary: at noon, in fact, a little less than voted in Bologna 14 thousand people, a fact that makes the goal of 20mil, indicated as the minimum threshold. TO Roma according to coalition sources it would be 23mil voting at 1 pm the estimate of the partial data arrived from the polling presidents, waiting for the official numbers. On the day the center left opened the urns to choose the last two candidates for mayors of the big cities to vote in autumn, the real puzzle is in fact linked to number of voters who will go to the gazebos, among the pitfalls related to the first weekend in the white area, in the heat and even at the game Italy-Wales. Encouraging signs arrive from the capital of Emilia-Romagna, while in the capital it is Giovanni Caudo, the former minister’s main challenger Roberto Gualtieri, to raise the first controversy: “We are receiving reports from some polling stations lightness in the controls of documents or even of obvious violations“, Writes on Twitter the former councilor of Ignazio Marino.

In Bologna at 12 they physically went to the polling stations 10,150 people to choose who, between Matteo Lepore e Isabella Conti, will be the mayoral candidate of the center left. To these I add 3.511 entitled to the vote online who have already participated, about 75% of those who signed up to the Partecipa platform. These are the numbers provided by the secretariat of the Democratic Party. The polling stations will be open until 9 pm and at this point there are those who hope to reach the 28mil who voted 10 years ago to crown the current mayor Virginio Merola. The results are expected in the evening, one to two hours after the closing of the sections.

In Rome the internal challenge is between seven candidates: Imma Battaglia, Giovanni Caudo, Paolo Ciani, Stefano Fassina, Cristina Grancio, Roberto Gualtieri and Tobia Zevi. Gualtieri, supported by the dem management, is the favorite and this morning voted for the seat in Piazza di Donna Olimpia: “Threshold of 50mil voters? The threshold is the largest possible participation, ”the former minister said. “We do these primaries under possible conditions: it’s warm, it’s the end of June, there is game of Italy but this makes it even more extraordinary the participation of tens of thousands of Romans and Romans who are voting. I make an appeal: you vote until 9, vote for whoever you want but vote “. The Democratic Party of Rome on Facebook reported that “thanks to the work of over a thousand volunteers e volunteers which allowed the opening of 187 gazebo, there are signs of great and full participation “.

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