John Bercow left the Conservatives and joined Labor

John Bercow left the Conservatives and joined Labor
John Bercow left the Conservatives and joined Labor

John Bercow, former Conservative Party MP and former speaker of the British House of Parliament, he left the Conservatives to join Labor. Bercow, 58, has also become quite famous outside the UK in recent years for his quirky manner and the cry with which he urged MPs to shut up. «Ordeeerrrr».

The former congressman left the Conservatives attacking Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the party: in an interview withObserver, Bercow said he considers the current Conservative Party “reactionary, populist, nationalist and sometimes even xenophobic.”

In the interview, Bercow called Johnson a successful politician in the election campaign, but a lousy prime minister. “I don’t think he has a vision of a fairer society, a desire for social mobility or a passion for improving the lot of people less fortunate than him,” he said. “I think people are getting more and more tired of lies, empty slogans, lack of results.”

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Bercow, who had resigned from speaker in 2019 after ten years, he explained that he joined the Labor Party a few weeks ago because he now shares its values. “I’m for supporting equality, social justice and international cooperation – that’s the Labor brand,” he said. “The conclusion I have come to is that this government needs to be replaced. The truth is that the Labor party is the only one who can achieve this. There are no other credible options ».

Bercow fame as speaker unpredictable and antagonistic – against parliamentarians with more power, but above all against Theresa May’s Conservative government – had increased with Brexit, both because the sessions of the British Parliament were suddenly followed around the world, and because Bercow had repeatedly given the impression of wanting to carve out a larger role for Parliament in the management of Brexit than the government, then led by Theresa May, had in mind.

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