is in phase 3 of experimentation

Latest news. A new Covid-19 pill: is the objective of the Government of United States of America, where they have recently been allocated 3.2 billion dollars to fund research for this new coronavirus cure.

According to the Americans and the White House, the vaccine may not be enough to stop Coronavirus infections, for four reasons:

  • the vaccine does not protect immunosuppressed people
  • variants decrease the effectiveness of vaccines
  • Poor countries don’t have enough doses
  • Not everyone is willing to get vaccinated

Pill against Covid19

For all these reasons, the US is experimenting with a pill that – if research confirms it – can stop infection in the body. At the moment one has already been produced: it is called Molnupiravir, produced by Merck-Msd and already arrived at Phase 3 of experimentation, the last before being approved and placed on the market. The US has already bought 1.7 million doses in pills.

Covid19 drug

The difference between this pill and the other anti Covid treatments lies in the fact that it will be enough to swallow it with a sip of water with the first symptoms, without having to go to the hospital. The only real problem is in the market: will there be enough doses for everyone? Will rich countries and the United States in the first place leave the possibility for everyone to buy the pills? The logic of profit that governs pharmaceutical production risks putting the interests of pharmaceutical companies before those of public health.

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