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16-19 Pleumjit Wall on Lubian. Coach Bregoli is rightly altered and calls time-out.

16-18 Furlan’s error from nine meters, too many errors.

16-17 Melli puts an end to a long exchange. Unfortunately, reception struggles to arrive precisely and Morello’s lifts are always a bit detached from the network.

15-17 First half of Pleumjit, we are playing with the handbrake on.

15-16 Another mistake in Piva’s attack, Rebecca is making a lot of effort.

15-15 Incredible! Thailand took everything in defense, eventually Onuma found a pipe on the line.

15-14 Wonderful rise by Morello, Melli then places a beautiful shot in the middle of the field.

14-14 Omoruyi also scored from place two, there are already seven points for her.

13-14 Escape Furlan’s attack.

13-13 Foot Invasion for Piva.

13-12 Furlan’s winning lob, but the Thais pulled up everything in defense.

12-12 Lubian’s service comes out a little, we are a bit too foul.

12-11 Omoruyi’s indefensible diagonal.

11-11 Morello is forcing the game a little too much at this stage.

11-10 Onuma reports the sue a -1.

11-8 Second line error for Piva.

11-7 Omoruyi continues to smartelottare, the Thais suffer a lot against this type of players.

10-7 Mani-out by Melli, we are struggling a bit in reception.

9-7 Morello’s lift escapes, Lubian fails to put the ball on the field.

9-6 Piva’s joke escapes.

9-5 Misunderstanding between Nootsara and Pleumjit.

8-5 Melli’s mistake in attack, nothing must be given against this type of team.

8-4 Onuma’s winning pipe.

8-3 Murone di Melli on Sutadta.

7-3 Sutadta’s winning diagonal, De Bortoli does not get there in defense.

7-2 Nice first half by Furlan, which puts an end to an exchange that lasted almost 30 seconds.

6-2 Onuma unlocks the situation for his from place two.

6-1 Omoruyi’s crazy broadside, super start for the blues!

5-1 Plenty of reception from Pannoy, Furlan takes advantage of it.

4-1 Stampatona of Piva on Malika!

3-1 And Omoruyi again, this time in parallel! What a good start for the young blue hammer.

2-1 Murone di Omoruyi su Amporn.

1-1 Nice push from place four for Omoruyi.

0-1 It starts with a Malika hands-out.

13:20 Coach Bregoli has given space to the girls who have played less this week.

13:19 Italy responds with: Morello, Lubian, Omoruyi, Melli, Furlan, Piva and De Bortoli.

13:16 This is the sextet of Thailand: Onuma, Nootsara, Amporn, Pleumjit, Malika, Sutadta and Wilvanan.

13:13 But no, we’re almost there, the teams are completing the warm-up phase.

13:10 China leads 2-0 and is also ahead in the third set, likely to start in about twenty minutes.

13:07 We have no official news on this, but in all likelihood the match of Italy will start immediately after the one between China and the USA.

13:04 But what matters most is that such a young group has grown game after game and has shown that they can play with much better equipped teams.

13:01 The blue with a possible victory today could also recover two positions in the standings.

12:58 The match will start a few minutes late because this morning’s matches have gone on longer than expected.

12:55 Nootsara and her teammates, however, remain in last position with two wins and six points.

12:52 Thailand instead comes from a convincing victory against Canada (3-0).

12:49 Before the last day, Italy is in thirteenth position with 13 points and three wins.

12:46 The blues come from a bad defeat against Belgium, yesterday the blues, after being 2-1 ahead, went out and failed to reach the fourth victory of the tournament.

12:43 We have reached the final act for our national team, which failed to qualify for the semifinals (a privilege that belongs only to the first four).

12:40 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Thailand, match valid for the fifteenth and final day of the preliminary phase of the VNL 2021.

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Thailand, a match valid for the fifteenth and final day of the preliminary phase of the VNL 2021, which will be staged in Rimini until 25 June. We have reached the last match of our national team in this tournament, only the first four teams will have access to the semifinals and our blue are already out of the game, but tonight they will still try to finish with a flourish.

Italy comes from a bad defeat against Belgium, yesterday the blue, after being 2-1 ahead, died and were unable to grab the fourth victory of the tournament. Bosio and his companions, before the last day, are in thirteenth position with 13 points and three wins. Thailand, on the other hand, comes from a convincing victory against Canada (3-0), but nevertheless continues to occupy the last position in the standings, with six points and two wins. The blues will have to do their best to finish the tournament in style, a success could allow them to climb two positions in the standings, but what matters most is that a group of young girls has grown game after game, proving that they can play with. the greats of international volleyball.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Thailand, a match valid for the fifteenth day of the VNL 2021, news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, so as not to really miss anything, the match will start at 13: 00, but we will keep you company already starting at 12:30!

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