Support bis, race for new discounts: from weddings to Rc cars

Rc car free for 2 months, given that the vehicles remained in the garage due to Covid. But also a deduction of 25% up to 25 thousand euros of wedding expenses, 300 euros of vouchers to register in the swimming pool or gym, and even a discount for the purchase of works by young Italian artists or the halving of the port tax. shotgun: these are just some of the 500 amendments to the Sostegni bis decree “reported” by the parties, which will go to the vote from next week.

Bipartisan some proposals such as the refinancing of car incentives or the stop to the Imu on houses with evictions blocked.


Refinancing of the new Sabatini

Among the proposals shared – and reported – by several parties, many concern aid to companies, from the refinancing of the Nuova Sabatini, which should be among the changes in pole position, to the request to extend until the end of the year, or at least until September, the tax credit on rents (Iv also asks not to tax the rents not received).

Then there is the aid to some particularly affected sectors such as collective catering, textiles, fairs, up to the bipartisan request to postpone the entry into force of the new code of business crises.

The intervention against expensive raw materials

All groups also reported a photocopy amendment to intervene against expensive raw materials (with a rule similar to that which appeared in the first drafts of the Transport decree, which has not yet reached the Council of Ministers).


Support bis race discounts weddings cars

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