Richard is the most premature baby in the world to survive: he turns one and enters the Guinness Book of Records

The little one was born approx 5 months early: 131 days ahead of schedule, at just 21 weeks and two days of gestation (the average is 40 weeks). The doctors of the Children’s Minnesota hospital they had quickly prepared their parents for the worst. Her mother, Beth, had been rushed to hospital for complications. They induced her to give birth, giving the baby zero chance. Still, a member of the hospital team did not give up hope. He knew, that if Richard could get through the first week, then it would be a real one survived.

The child’s battle made it even more difficult there pandemic. Because of the restrictions since Covid-19, his parents have never been able to spend the night with him and no relatives have been allowed to visit him. Richard had to do it himself.

“We made sure to visit him every day to guarantee him all our support” – he said the father, Rick. “I think he needed it – he concluded – because in some way we made him feel that he could count on us …”.

Solo in December, after six very long months in the hospital, little Richard is back home with his mom and dad.
On June 5th, this special child was able to celebrate his first birthday, surrounded by his parents and their three dogs.

“It does not seem true to me” – commented Beth the entry of her son in the Guinness Book of Records: “It does not seem true yet, but we are happy. Sharing our story with others is also a way to raise awareness on premature babies “.


Richard premature baby world survive turns enters Guinness Book Records

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