ITALY between ‘MAGIC’ NIGHTS and ‘HOT’ NIGHTS. We reveal WHERE we will suffer a SERIOUS PHYSICAL DISEASE »

Weather: ITALY between ‘MAGIC’ NIGHTS and ‘HOT’ NIGHTS. We reveal WHERE we will suffer a SERIOUS PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT

Tropical nights are comingWe got into the heart of the first serious heat wave of this summer with the temperature which have reached well over 30/35 ° C in various regions. These weather conditions will also accompany us with the start of the new week. But there is a detail that begins to worry us: in fact, some “hot nights“or even”tropical“, and right in the middle of the European Football Championship where when Italy plays the night becomes”magica“!

But let’s go in order to understand what it is, why and in which areas of Italy we will suffer a physical discomfort.

In the collective imagination the adjective “tropical “has not only a geographical significance that refers to the region of the tropics but also a figurative sense of climate very hot, as we imagine the temperature in those areas is. Tropical night it therefore evokes a night of intense heat, oppressive and suffocating. In the climatological and epidemiological field (effects of temperatures on health), this term has a very specific meaning: it is a climate indicator which identifies the number of nights in the year with minimum temperature greater than 20 ° C. It is an international value defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), it is used to monitor the ongoing climate changes. In fact, in recent decades we are witnessing an ever increasing number of these nights, to underline the process of climate warming that also affects our country.

Well in the coming days, due to the presence of the African anticyclone which draws very hot air from the Sahara desert, to risk to spend tropical nights will be above all Northern plains, most of the central regions (Florence and Rome in the first place), Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. In these areas, in fact, even after sunset, the thermal values ​​will struggle to drop below 20/25 ° C, especially in large cities where the mix between temperatures and humidity will make physical discomfort greater.

Temperatures over 22 ° C even at night in the next few days



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