Rome closes the Covid department at San Filippo Neri: “We have seen many people die, even young people. It is difficult to return to normal”

The last patient was discharged from the Covid intensive care unit “closes for holidays“. It happens in the hospital San Filippo Neri of Rome where in small steps you return to normal. “We are all happy that this sad adventure is over, but now all the months we spent with the covid are coming upon us” says the nursing coordinator, Maria Pia Clasadonte. Greetings, hugs and bright eyes: the conversion of the ward takes place in a “veterans of war” atmosphere. The head physician and director of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit San Filippo Neri, Professor Mario Bosco, explains: “We find ourselves in an almost paradoxical psychological situation, that is after the adrenaline rush we are now here to reflect on what happened “.

Beyond four hundred patients followed since last October. “Mortality was 50% higher,” reveals the head physician. “There was a first phase in October – continues Professor Bosco – in which patients already arrived in very serious conditions and since there was still no possibility of vaccinating people, the average age was high”. However, even at the end of the vaccinations of the elderly, between January and February, when the age of the patients dropped, mortality was high. “We had a 42 year old mom who told us she was willing to do everything to get back to her daughter ”says head nurse Clasadonte. The woman did not make it, like so many other patients between the ages of forty and fifty. Talking about it for hospital staff is not easy. The nurse Laura Papagni He relies on the letters that former patients and relatives have sent to the ward address: “To each of you I extend my most sincere thanks. If I managed to defeat covid-19, I owe it only to you ”.

Now the San Filippo Neri hospital will be covid free again. “We hope to return to an equal or even higher surgical activity” declares the director Bosco. After the coronavirus experience, the Roman hospital has decided to increase its resources with also a competition to recruit new anesthetists. “But it is necessary to strengthen health care in the area” warns the professor. Without forgetting the contribution of scientific research, so “as to return to being a state-of-the-art nation”.

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