Citizenship income, money away to those who do not study: the reform is ready

Citizenship income, money away to those who do not study: the reform is ready
Citizenship income, money away to those who do not study: the reform is ready

If you want to keep your income you have to study and prepare to find a job. Otherwise you risk losing it. The idea of ​​the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando to link the state allowance to well-defined educational paths takes hold. And, given the consensus in the government and Mario Draghi’s indications on this front, it will certainly be included in the overall reform of the system which, barring surprises, will take shape in July. Because the real point – said Orlando, who is preparing the G 20 on the work scheduled in Catania with the theme of training and social inclusion at the center – is to “improve the connection between citizenship income and the various supports with active labor policies and therefore with education policies ». In fact, there are over 3 million young people who do not study and do not work, in addition to those who float among the various public supports.

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Income, the mechanism

The mechanism being defined provides for the introduction of a “conditionality” clause between subsidy and educational path. “If you take your income – Orlando reasons – and you don’t have a qualification, you use that time to get a qualification if you can’t find a job”. In short, an attempt is made to take the opportunity to acquire knowledge that can then prove useful.

The minister, to reinforce the concept, recalled that “almost a third of the audience of income earners does not have a qualification beyond the eighth grade”. Ultimately, the objective of the reform in the pipeline is also to push towards adult education, without neglecting more general training. So much so that the plan will be launched in agreement and with the support of the Ministry of Education. A synergistic effort that will extend to the redefinition of the role of the navigator and obviously of the employment centers.

After all, it is precisely the lack of specific skills and professionalism at the origin of the lack of matching between supply and demand for work. The Draghi government has never looked favorably on non-repayable subsidies. Indeed, it is no mystery that he wants to eliminate the so-called “dead times” that currently characterize the State check, with users left at home doing nothing or in any case, in the absence of adequate preparation, snubbed by companies and production sectors . It is therefore better, while waiting for a job, to spend the months under the public parachute to study and obtain a limited specialization. Also because the cost for the public purse is huge. In the month of May alone, a total of € 717.7 million was spent on income. At the end of the year the account will be billionaire.

A new philosophy that obviously can only please employers who struggle, in this summer period, to find educated workers. And for years they have been asking for a strong focus on training.

Alongside the income, the ministry is also studying an extraordinary plan for the Neet, young people who do not attend school or work, focused on school and work reintegration, which will require important work in concert with other ministries. A program in line with the guidelines of the European Union «NextGenerationEU» and which will be discussed, as mentioned, at the G 20 in Catania next week. First then it will be necessary to get out of the emergency. The emergency is still underway given that in May the families who received the citizenship income were 1.3 million for 2.92 million people involved. In the same vein, the Minister of Economic Development Ginacarlo Giorgetti: “After such a hard crisis, in which there will inevitably be imbalances between supply chains, it is necessary to help the relocation of workers with training and a very fast restyling capacity compared to the strong growth phase , in some sectors difficult to manage ».

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