Primary Bologna live, Conti against Lepore: the whole vote minute by minute

BOLOGNA. The center-left chooses its candidate for mayor. They challenge Matteo Lepore, Pd Councilor for Culture and Sport of the Municipality of Bologna, e Isabella Conti, mayor of San Lazzaro registered with Italia Viva and in the field with his own list. Voting takes place from 8 to 21. The day began with a computer attack on the site of the Pd of Bologna from which (also) to be able to reach the platform for online voting, a problem solved in a short time. Tension in the seat in via Murri with some voters who do not want to sign that they are center-left voters. The high turnout in the seats of Murri and Zaragoza suggests that Isabella Conti could take advantage of it, but Lepore says: “I’m a Democrat, I’m not afraid of the turnout”

Primary, Conti-Lepore: we vote from 8 to 21. Here’s how

June 20, 2021

12.05: Lepore: “I’m not afraid of high turnout, I’m a democrat”

Matteo Lepore arrives at the Dossetti seat in via Gasperi 2 and confesses that he does not fear the turnout, which according to the polls could favor his opponent Isabella Conti. “Any Democrat must believe in participation. I am a progressive, a democrat and I believe that this city will give a great signal to the rest of Italy and also to the right, who certainly do not deserve Bologna since they are waiting for the outcome of these primaries to choose their candidate ”. However, Lepore points out that “these are center-left primaries. The center-right voters do not vote, with whom we will confront in October ”. Accompanied by his partner, Lepore enters the polling station and discovers that he has no electoral card or wallet. And in the end the two euros that his wife gives him. “It seems to me there are so many people in the polls – he smiles commenting on the rows in different sections – and I invite everyone to think about whether to come to the primaries to choose the candidate of the center-left”.

“I thank all the volunteers – he adds – who are working under the sun to get as many people to vote as possible. We must give them a hand and we must also help our elderly, cob chairs and shade, because they are generously coming to vote giving a great example “. This afternoon the Pd candidate will go around the polls and then wait for the result with his family

11.10 am: tension at the Murri club

Tension in the Murri circle, where some voters refuse to sign the declaration – according to regulation – in which it is claimed that they support the center-left. The representative of Lepore, Isabella Angiuli, after having repeatedly asked in vain for the intervention of the seat president Gianluca Borghi, goes out and warns the people in line that “only the center-left voters vote”. About an hour’s queue to get to the urn.

10 am: good turnout

The feeling is that there is a good turnout everywhere in the seats. Some say excellent. In via Mario Bastia, Casetta Rossa section, one of the “feuds” of the supporters of the Accounts inside the Democratic Party, Francesco Massarenti claims that the participation so far recalls the one that took place in the 2012 challenge between Bersani and Renzi for the prime minister.

8 am: ballot boxes open

At 8 the polls in the 43 polling stations opened. By the deadline of last Friday 4,728 voters registered for the online vote: 104 names (they were not residents of Bologna) were removed from this list, plus two others who, candidates in the past for center-right deployments, did not meet the necessary requirement: being center-left voters.

Matteo Lepore will vote at 11.30 in the Barca district while Isabella Conti, resident in San Lazzaro, is excluded from the vote.

7 am: site hacked

This morning at 7 the site for the online voting of the Democratic Party was hacked. The federation quickly proceeded to restore the platform which became operational quickly.

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