discovered a mega party with 44 guests, all in the same house

Forty-four guests. A full-blown party, it’s a pity that the most important rules, the anti Covid ones, have not been respected. In fact, 44 people were attending a party in a house in via Scalarini, in the area of ​​Scalo Romana, in Milan in the late afternoon yesterday. The party, or rather the gathering, was interrupted by the police officers. The guests are all aged between 20 and 45 years: they will be sanctioned for violating the anti Covid regulations.

Covid Belluno, blitz at the gathering bar, among customers also the policeman: fined by colleagues

Another party was always interrupted in Milan, by the carabinieri, in Via Tucidide. It was the residents of the building who reported noises and cackles coming from the house. On the spot, the military found 16 people listening to loud music. All university students who have been identified and sanctioned.

Finally, during the night, soldiers from the Radiomobile Nucleus intervened in Viale Piceno, in Milan, again on the recommendation of the residents, and found 19 people listening to loud music and consuming alcohol. Of the participants in the party, all in their twenties, “off-site” university students, only two girls, were found to be domiciled in the apartment, while the remaining 17 were found to be resident elsewhere. All those present were identified and sanctioned.

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