Municipal in Milan, Sala’s growth model: “A greener and fairer city”

“A model for the country can come from Milan”. Beppe Sala is convinced of this, considering those under the Madonnina to be the “most important” elections of all the autumn municipal elections. Because if in Rome the confrontation is consummated “on how to fix” the capital, says the mayor, here the electoral campaign will be “a clash between the visions of the city of the future”. A Milan that must be different. “Greener and fairer”, of course. But continuing to “associate an idea of ​​growth”. Even this, in a world changed by Covid, can no longer be the same. Impossible to focus only on “consumption”, as has happened in the past. “We need to find a model that combines the opportunities of the ecological transition with employment, that creates more good and better paid jobs.” This is the formula to look for and which can represent a road for the country: “It can only be born in Milan”.

Comunali in Milan, the reformist list of the center left for Beppe Sala that aims at 8%: “We will be the third force of the coalition”

by Alessia Gallione

June 19, 2021

Here it is, the city (again) laboratory. In all senses. And here, the challenge that Sala gives to the militants and volunteers of the Democratic Party – and not only – gathered to think about how to design this Milan to come, becomes politics. Because the re-nominated mayor wants to “help build a center-left that can win”. And the stakes of these elections go beyond the municipal boundaries: “If we win well in Milan – he says amid applause – and if we manage to overcome the next two years, which will be difficult, and set the Milan of the future, in 2023 we will also win. in the Region “. Today Palazzo Marino, tomorrow Palazzo Lombardia. So much so that the MEP Pierfrancesco Majorino raises: “You need to choose immediately a candidate or a candidate who goes everywhere and meets the many different Lombardies”.

Comunali 2021 in Milan, Quartapelle: “Salvini hides behind a street number, but the game is not yet won”

by Alessia Gallione

June 17, 2021

For Sala, the fire of the election campaign will light up in September. But for the center left this was the first real Saturday of mobilization. All in attendance. From the reformist bicycle ride of Italia viva to the banquet of the civic list Milan in health. Up to the Balera dell’Ortica, where the Democratic Party presented the logo that combines the name of the party with that of the mayor – the composition of the list is open, but probably the councilor Pierfrancesco Maran and the deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo will guide it -, but above all it brought together “400 people” to exchange ideas and suggestions for the city. “A Milan that wins if it includes and leaves no one behind”, defined the underground secretary Silvia Roggiani, who dedicated the initiative to Adil Belakhdi, the trade unionist killed during a demonstration.

First the sock, then the rainbow watch: Beppe Sala “wears” Pride to support the Milan of rights

by Piero Colaprico

June 18, 2021

Saturday was only the first day to give birth to the program of the Democratic Party to be shared with the coalition. But some ideas have already emerged from the 16 thematic tables. Why, for example, to stem the phenomenon of baby gangs, not follow the experimentation started in Town Hall 6 and think of street educators who, from 6 to 11 pm, follow young people? And if the focus on work is on the Pact shared between the Municipality, Afol and trade unions to hold together quality training and employment, on the housing front it is proposed to extend the offer of low-cost housing for students to the municipalities of the first band. Someone launches the idea of ​​a voluntary service department, there are those who propose to establish the municipal civil service and, in the perspective of that city in 15 minutes that will be the key to everything, here is the suggestion: we dedicate a fixed percentage of the spaces public to culture and sociality. And the old dream of reopening the Navigli that accompanied the first race in Sala? Here it is the mayor himself who says: “It is one of the projects proposed for the Recovery plan, but if it were not funded it would be difficult to do so”.

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