agent shoots and wounds the man

agent shoots and wounds the man
agent shoots and wounds the man

Afternoon of fear in via Marsala, in front of Termini station, where a man armed with a knife sowed panic in the area in front of the Roman airport. PolFer agents stopped him with one of them who, to intimidate him, also fired a pistol shot. It all started when an employee of the station reported to the Army soldiers and precisely to the PolFer garrison in Termini the presence of this man, later identified as a 44-year-old Ghanaian, who was traveling armed. Immediate checks were made with the agents who thus identified the suspect walking among the passers-by.

The phases were excited with a video that tells those moments. According to what was reconstructed by RomaToday, the man as soon as he noticed that he was being chased by policemen left a backpack on the ground and from the right sleeve of the sweatshirt he extracted a knife. The escape then continued on foot with the Ghanaian who jumped on a moped and then headed towards an agent with a blow, a stab that did not go to sign fortunately. At that point, to stop him, a policeman fired a pistol shot aiming downwards, injuring the man in the groin.

The 44-year-old, blocked and transported in red code to Umberto I in Rome. According to what is learned, the bullet would have escaped from the buttock. Man is not in danger of life. From subsequent investigations, the 44-year-old identified was found to be a multi-prejudiced subject, already known by various aliases in the police archives. Its position is under consideration.


agent shoots wounds man

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