interview with Assia Lucia Marzocca-

interview with Assia Lucia Marzocca-
interview with Assia Lucia Marzocca-

“I know what happened is a tragedy. But I want justice. You can’t die like that. And that truck driver will have to pay for what he did. ‘ Assia Lucia Marzocca, 33, the Apulian wife of Adil Belakhdim, the trade unionist invested and killed in Biandrate, in the province of Novara, is still in shock. From Morocco, where she has been with her children since January, she continues to cry and ask questions. «I go on only for our two children, Abelahi and Adam, 6 and 4 years old. They were waiting for their dad. They hadn’t hugged him since January. Instead I had to tell him he went to heaven. I found out about his death from social media. We wanted to build our future together here in Morocco and instead now I will wait for his body here in El Jadida just to say goodbye to him ».

What did you think when you found out about the accident?
“I just want justice. You can’t die like that. My husband was working. He believed in what he did. I can’t think this truck driver killed him like that. Without even stopping ».

How did you find out that your husband was dead?
“Through social media. It was a shock when I read the news of his death. Shortly before my mother had called me from Italy saying “Did you know?”. I thought something had happened to her or my father. I didn’t know Adil could be dead. I could not believe. I have said several times that it was not true. ‘

Adil was ready to leave for Morocco. He had to reach you …

Adil was ready to leave for Morocco. He had to reach you …
“He was supposed to arrive next Sunday. He had already made the ticket. The last time the children saw him was January. Then he could no longer reach us due to the coronavirus. Also in March he had tried to come to Morocco but failed. Finally the children could hug him again. They couldn’t wait ».

Have you already made plans together for the next few months?
“Of course, we were supposed to spend the day celebrating the end of the children’s school. We moved here with them for a few months. He would join us. Our idea was to leave Vizzolo Predabissi to come and live here in Morocco. It was our dream ».

Had Adil told her that he would be attending the Biandrate demonstration on Friday morning?
“No, I heard it in the morning. We spoke often but he didn’t tell me where he was headed. But he was always present at the headmasters. He participated in the demonstrations because he believed in justice and wanted to fight to defend the rights of workers. He was determined, he believed in what he was doing. And above all, he loved his role as a trade unionist. You cannot die like this while you are fighting to defend rights ”.

What did you think when you saw that it was a young family man just like him who hit him?
«It struck me a lot. I thought he was an adult, not 25. I thought that in addition to ruining my family’s life, it also destroyed his. Her two little girls will no longer have a father just like my children. It is a tragedy. But he will have to pay for what he did. He knew what it was up against. I’m asking myself a lot of questions and I can’t give myself answers. I wonder why he did it. I keep wondering if he was lucid and if he realized he killed a man … “

Have you already told your kids that dad won’t come home anymore?
“Yup. I’ve already talked to them. I told him dad was dead. That he would never come back. That they would never see him again because he went to heaven. It was heartbreaking, but they are small. They haven’t quite understood yet … “

Now what are you going to do?
“We will stay here. At least for now. I wanted to go back to Italy to see my husband one last time but with Covid it is difficult. Adil will be brought here to Morocco to be buried. He would have wanted it like this.

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