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MILAN (ITALPRESS) – “I’m doing the last thoughts before dissolving the reserve right at home”. This was stated, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, by Oscar di Montigny, manager of Banca Mediolanum and possible candidate for mayor of the Center-right for the municipalities in Milan. “The last meeting – he added – in my son’s room, there were all: a daughter connected from London, another returned from work on purpose. The first gift of this experience. Politics has media coverage without rules, for now no one agrees, but no one even disagrees “. Gabriele Albertini for family reasons in the end said no: will he be his deputy? “If I have not yet expressed myself on myself, it would be presumptuous to do so on the deputy mayor. My father-in-law, Ennio Doris, always tells me to keep politics separate from business. But now I am convinced that it is a phase in which you have to get your hands dirty ”. “If I accept I bring my vision… If you are a politician they tell you that you have never managed anything. If you are civic you do not know the public thing. The perfect one is not there. I am interested in perspective and if I look ahead I see innovation and sustainability. I haven’t read a manual of the good mayor, I guess future scenarios, what they bring as a dowry “.” Security is central. Like the other three Ss: school, health, sociality. Action is missing to contain the explosion of depression that the pandemic has generated ”.

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