Milan, Kessie: wedding and renewal

Milan, Kessie: wedding and renewal
Milan, Kessie: wedding and renewal

After the sumptuous marriage with Joelle, the wedding with Milan. For Franck Kessie it is time to consolidate the union with the partner and mother of his two children, the little Prince Kylian and the latest arrival Inayah: she too Ivorian, has been paired with the player for years. Traditional ritual and dress in the presence of family and friends, including colleagues of the groom Gervinho, today at United’s Trabzonspor and Bailly. With equal emphasis, Milan hopes to celebrate the extension of Franck’s contract as soon as possible, in order to make his Rossoneri history more and more stable: the bond between the parties today has a not so distant deadline, the summer of 2022. In twelve months the player would be free to say yes to another team and as early as January nothing would stop him from engaging with another club. Milan do not want to run the risk of divorce as it just happened with Donnarumma and as it could happen with Calhanoglu: even the Turkish can say hello from free. An economic damage that the Rossoneri cannot afford and that this time the conditions seem to avoid: there are all the bases for a long sporting life together.

Salary increase

The Kessie-Milan combination must be equally rich and sumptuous: today Franck earns € 2 million and two hundred thousand a year, until the season just ended sixth in the ranking of the highest paid Rossoneri. First Ibra, then Gigio, passing through Rebic, Romagnoli and Calhanoglu. The new ranking will be revised and Franck’s performance will be rewarded. The new signing will be in line with what Kessie guarantees on the pitch and with the updated market value after the latest brilliant performances in Italy and Europe: if the midfielder’s card is attributed a value of more than 50 million euros, the salary will be adjusted accordingly. Milan intends to recognize him an improvement of almost 100%, that is, reaching close to double the current salary: four million. The club and the coach agree on the need to pay the player an engagement as a top player, in line with his valuable contribution on the pitch. In the season that has just ended Franck was by far the most used outfield player in the squad, and by far the league midfielder who recovered the most balls, who produced the most long passes, and above all the most goals of all: 13, a decisive share for the conquest of the Champions. Thirteen goals are more than double the goals scored in the previous two seasons in Serie A, a figure that gives an idea of ​​how much the player’s value has increased.

Franck’s request

Strengthened by these numbers and above all by the court of English clubs (Arsenal in the lead) Kessie and his agent would have in mind an even more substantial figure to be included in the paycheck, around six million a year. The negotiation already started will bring the parties closer and the agreement can be reached by working on bonuses. With an upcoming four-year postponed deadline, that is in the summer of 2026. The table is open and the dialogue is set to resume shortly: there are no appointments set because a lot will also depend on the evolution of the summer market, and on how long the negotiations in and out will engage Maldini and Massara, Rossoneri dt and ds. Certainly the extension of Kessie’s contract is a priority: starting the season as the next free agent could expose the club to a risk. And there is always Franck at the head of the group of members expiring in 2022: there are comrades like Romagnoli, Calabria and Kjaer, and the technician Pioli. That of the Ivorian is the most awaited renewal. The coach already knows that he will lose Kessie in January 2022: Franck will be recalled to the Ivory Coast, this time to participate with the national team in the African Cup (9 January-6 February for the finalists). Reason why the Rossoneri management will still invest in the midfield: Franck’s goal will be to overthrow Bennacer, midfielder companion at Milan, and holder of the trophy with Algeria.

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Milan Kessie wedding renewal

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