Curfew abolished from June 21: from tomorrow all of Italy will be free – Chronicle

Curfew abolished from June 21: from tomorrow all of Italy will be free – Chronicle
Curfew abolished from June 21: from tomorrow all of Italy will be free – Chronicle

Rome, June 20, 2021 – Tomorrow (Monday 21 June) is an important date in‘Italy at the time of Covid. It will come indeed curfew abolished which had been introduced by a Dpcm of the then Conte bis government (the same that divided our country into the colored areas) starting from November 6, 2020. All closed at home (except for ‘proven reasons’) from 10pm to 5am for long months.

Now is the time to buy back the ‘nocturnal freedom’. The so-called established it Reopening Decree (here the text in Pdf) signed by the Draghi government which set up a road map that comes to an end tomorrow: first at 11pm, then at 24pm and from tomorrow everyone is free. The reopening DL establishes the cancellation of the curfew – a hot topic in the final months of the political debate – in the yellow and white regions: considering therefore that from tomorrow all of Italy is precisely in white area (with the sole exception of the Val d’Aosta moreover yellow), here from Bolzano to Sicily we will be able to return to enjoy the summer evenings.

But watch out for the gatherings

The end of the curfew, however, must not make us forget the caution. The obligation of the outdoor mask (for now, here are the updates) and the prohibition of gatherings. And among the Italian mayors there is so much concern that the anti-nightlife ordinances and controls are multiplying.

What can (and cannot) be done

So let’s see what we can do in Italy from tomorrow, even in the regions that will enter the white zone (Calabria, Campania, Marche, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Sicily, Tuscany and Basilicata).

Bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants are open without time limits. Outside, in the white area, there is no numerical limit to the tables. Indoor maximum 6 per table.

Movements between regions. They are completely free with no need for Green pass.

Visits to relatives and friends. Unlimited number of people and hours are allowed. If you move to the yellow zone (therefore only towards Val d’Aosta) a maximum of 4 people are allowed (excluding disabled people and cohabiting minor children).

In car. Attention: in the car we will be able to take with us at most (for a sedan) two other passengers who do not live together in the rear seat (none on the front seat (here the rules).

Swimming pools and gyms. In the white area, the gyms are open and the indoor pools are also reopened.

Parties and banquets. It is possible to organize (and participate in) parties and banquets after civil or religious ceremonies (baptisms or weddings for example). But here you need the Green pass.

Obligation to stay indoors. However, it remains the absolute ban on leaving the house for those subjected to isolation, having tested positive for the virus, or to the precautionary quarantine if it has been identified as a close contact of Covid-19 case. Anyone with a fever higher than 37.5 must also stay at home and contact their doctor.

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