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Wind Tre drops its axes with summer just around the corner. The telecommunications giant still challenges the competitor Iliad.

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Wind Tre refines her nails for the summer and launches another incredible offer for new customers who want to join her now continuous ones promotions. We are talking about Wind Tre Star + option that guarantees a specific offer considered by many to be superior in terms of advantages to that offered by Iliad, specifically, there will be less extensive consumption thresholds than the competitor but with a much lower price that will certainly attract thousands and thousands of users.

Specifically, we are talking about an offer that includes unlimited calls and text messages to everyone, fixed and mobile. 100 gb of internet connection. All at a truly exceptional price, 7,99 euro per month. Clearly, as often happens in certain cases, the offer will be dedicated to new customers and not to those who are already Wind Tre customers. The cost of the offer itself will be 10 euros, this for the purchase of the new one sim useful to activate the offer.

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Wind Tre challenges Iliad again: customers complain about the impossibility of changing rates

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More and more users have now added their voice to that of trade associations against abuse, in their opinion by the managers, who would prevent the freedom for the user to move to your liking among the offers that the various telephone operators offer month after month. Most of them, in fact, are dedicated exclusively to new customers, as well as in the specific case of the last offer Wind Tre. In short, the customers are not there.

The same Iliad recently received an official complaint from Codacons for the inability offered to its customers to adhere to the new proposals launched on the market. The thing would actually affect all managers mobile telephony and more. It is now common practice for every type of company to dedicate special offers exclusively to those who intend to become a new customer, excluding, in fact who already is.

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Common practice offers to companies the opportunities to always have new customers but in fact not to protect enough those who already are. Perverse logic of a market that now seems to have no more rules.

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