Murder Desiree Mariottini, four convictions. The anger of the mother: “I did not have justice”

Murder Desiree Mariottini, four convictions. The anger of the mother: “I did not have justice”
Murder Desiree Mariottini, four convictions. The anger of the mother: “I did not have justice”

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June 20, 2021 9:12 am

“One of my daughter’s murderers is free. I can’t explain it, it’s not justice. I’m very disappointed”: for Barbara Mariottini, the mother of Desirée, the sixteen-year-old from Cisterna di Latina found dead in a building in San Lorenzo on October 19 of 2018, the day of the sentence of the trial for the murder of the daughter is bitter. Because if it is true that the judges of the Third Court of Assizes of Rome have sentenced all 4 defendants, only two have had a life sentence, and one has returned (temporarily) free due to the expiry of the terms of pre-trial detention.

Alinno Chima, Mamadou Gara, Yussef Salia and Brian Minthe, the four African citizens accused of raping and killing the 16-year-old with a mix of drugs, were accused in various ways of willful murder, aggravated sexual violence and the transfer of drugs to minors. The judges sentenced Gara and Salia to life in prison, China to 27 years in prison and Minthe to 24 years and 6 months. Minthe was initially released, but on Sunday morning (a few hours after the sentence arrived on Saturday night) he was joined by a new measure requested and obtained by the Rome prosecutor for the murder charge. Prosecutor Stefano Pizza had asked for life sentences for all four.

Barbara Mariottini yesterday was in the classroom wearing a white T-shirt with the photo of her daughter, supported by other family and friends of the 16-year-old killed. A very tense and painful day, which culminated with the reading of the sentence after more than seven hours in the council chamber. And it was at that point that the suffering and frustration exploded: a woman from the audience yelled at the condemned “Damn you, may you burn in hell”, while Barbara wanted to reiterate that “I was expecting four life sentences, I’m not satisfied with this sentence above all because one of the accused returns free and this should not have happened. I did not have justice “.

“I am very angry – added Barbara Mariottini – She was a 16 year old girl. They left it after 4 hours of agony ”. According to the investigators’ reconstructions, in fact, Desirée was given a mix of drugs – including methadone – which caused her to overdose. While she was unconscious, the four men who were with her in the occupied building in via dei Lucani raped her in turn and then abandoned her on a cot, without calling for help. The 16-year-old would be given the drug on the afternoon of October 18, death only several hours later.



Murder Desiree Mariottini convictions anger mother justice

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