A Tuscan elected president of the Misericordie d’Italia: it is Domenico Giani – Cronaca

A Tuscan elected president of the Misericordie d’Italia: it is Domenico Giani – Cronaca
A Tuscan elected president of the Misericordie d’Italia: it is Domenico Giani – Cronaca

Florence, June 20, 2021 – E. from Tuscany the new president of the National Confederation of Misericordie d’Italia. Domenico Giani he was elected during the National Assembly of the Misericordie d’Italia, which took place within the Spazio Reale Foundation in the municipality of Campi Bisenzio.

Domenico Giani, of the Misericordia of Arezzo, reported a percentage of around 85% of the votes, compared to around 14% of the candidate Claudio Giardini Governor of the Misericordia of Sinalunga.

“My candidacy was above all a ‘put yourself at service’ and when I was asked I replied ‘yes’, knowing that ‘you can’t go anywhere alone’; I will try, together with all those who want to share this adventure with me, to do everything I can – he said Domenico Giani in his speech during the assembly -. I began my service in Mercy when I was little more than a child; the years have passed, Mercy for me has been a great educational and ecclesial experience and I hope with all my heart to be able to contribute to transmitting and passing on this precious formative heritage. My commitment will be even more important in this post-pandemic moment in which we are all called to rebuild our country and the Misericordie of Italy, for their organization, will be fundamental to the rebirth of society, in particular of the Person “.

“A great wish for good work to Domenico Giani, new president of the Misericordie d’Italia, in the belief that with his skills he will be able to allow our movement to renew itself and keep pace with the times, remaining firmly rooted in its centuries-old tradition of generosity and faith. “

Thus the president of the Misericordie of Tuscany, Alberto Corsinovi, comments on Domenico Giani’s election to the leadership of the National Confederation of Mercies, which took place at the end of the National Assembly held on Saturday 19 June in the ‘Spazio Reale’ center of San Donnino, just outside Florence. The scrutiny of the ballots ended in the night between Saturday and Sunday. “The candidacy of Giani, brother of the Misericordia of Arezzo since 1976, started from Tuscany – adds Corsinovi – and it is obvious that we are very satisfied of the great consensus which he found in the Assembly of all the Misericordie d’Italia. When, last February, he gave his willingness to put himself at the service of the movement by running for the national presidency, we immediately took this opportunity as providential. Today I am even more convinced that he is the right person to carry out an ambitious program to relaunch the charitable and service activities of the Misericordie. “

“To overcome difficulties as great as those we are facing – concludes the president of the Tuscan Federation – there is a need for a great unity which, from this moment on, it is the task of all the Mercies to build together. Tuscany, which saw the birth of this movement, is ready as always to make its contribution. “

Domenico Giani was born in Arezzo in 1962, married with two children, he is a Brother of Mercy from Arezzo since 1976. Graduated in Pedagogy at the University of Siena and in Economic and Financial Security Sciences at the University of Rome Tor Vergata; he has served – since 1981 – in the Guardia di Finanza and in the Information and Security Bodies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. In February 1999 he joined the Vatican City State Gendarmerie Corps as Deputy Commander to become, from 2006, Director of the Security and Civil Protection Services and Commander of the Gendarmerie Corps. He will hold this position until 2019. Since 2020 he has been president of the Eni Foundation. He is awarded numerous Vatican, Italian and foreign honors. The complete results relating to the elections of the organs, as soon as they are final, will be available on the website www.misericordie.it.

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