Via the masks: here are the dates to mark

Via the masks: here are the dates to mark
Via the masks: here are the dates to mark

The farewell at masks in outdoor places it seems closer and closer. Thanks to the arrival of the heat, a vaccination campaign that, even if with a few hitches here and there, still seems to continue, and the fact that almost all the regions are now in the white zone.

Yesterday’s news, Saturday 19 June, concerning the formal request of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to ask the Technical Scientific Committee for an opinion on whether or not outdoor masks are required. Experts are expected to meet next week and the decision could come by 1am or Monday at the latest July 5th. The other European countries that are taking steps to abandon individual protection also accelerate the executive. To beat all the French cousins ​​who, from evening to morning, announced the farewell to the obligation and will be followed by Spain which is preparing to remove the much hated masks from June 26th. Same decision for Germany, Belgium and Greece who are ready to finally say goodbye, at least outdoors, to one of the main symbols of the pandemic.

Asked the opinion of the Cts

Already last Friday, Prime Minister Mario Draghi, during the press conference following his return from Spain, announced: “Tomorrow I will ask for a opinion to the technical-scientific committee to tell us explicitly if we can remove the mask outdoors or not ”. And Speranza punctually sent the official request to the CTS the next day“With regard to the methods and terms of the permanence of the obligation to wear respiratory protective devices outdoors”. Although there are still no official dates, it is understood that the decision will take place soon. The hypothesis is for the 1st of July or at the latest for the 5th.

That this is one of the government’s priorities is now clear. Surely the experts will meet next week, perhaps as early as tomorrow or Tuesday. The sooner the better. But perhaps a single meeting will not be enough to decide what to recommend to the Minister of Health. It will be hours and hours of discussion, all based on a question: outdoor mask yes or no? Someone has hypothesized the date of July 1st. More likely perhaps the 5th which coincides with a Monday, immediately after the usual weekly monitoring of the trend of epidemiological curve which in theory should once again confirm the decrease in deaths and infections. Even if a bit of apprehension comes from the spread of variants, in particular of the Delta, in Italy and beyond our borders. In order to say goodbye to masks, you will still have to be outdoors in the white area and keep a safe distance of one meter from other people. In the absence of these conditions, the mask will have to return to cover our face.

The discussion

After all, this issue has held sway almost everywhere in recent days, on TV, on the radio, even on the street. With the majority divided between those who would like to keep the obligation and those who would have already removed it for days. The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, has repeated several times that the farewell “It must happen as soon as possible. You can’t do it anymore. I repeat: if all of Europe is saying at least outdoors to smile and breathe again, I think Italy should do the same. Thanks to Draghi for asking for the parere al Cts and I hope it will arrive as soon as possible “.

Mara Carfagna, the minister of the South, on the other hand, was more cautious, who at SkyTg24 was keen to specify: “We are talking about the health of millions of citizens and the need for the economy which must return to growth. These are evaluations and decisions that will be made on the basis of scientific evaluations and the policy will have to take on responsibility to implement them “. Arm in arm with the Northern League seems to go Di Maio who on Facebook urged: “We cannot waste any more time, it is also a signal for tourists who want to come to Italy, we must be totally attractive. Together we can do it, because together we are stronger ”. To the Cts the arduous sentence.

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