Stop outdoor masks, the advance is evaluated in July – Health

Almost the whole country in the white zone and without curfew from next Monday and – perhaps – very early without having to wear a mask outdoors.

The latest symbol of Covid is also about to fall in Italy, but the definitive date on this provision will not arrive before next week and once again it will be the Scientific Technical Committee to provide its opinion to the Government.

Gradually it returns to almost normal even in public transport, where in some already white Regions – such as Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont – the bus capacity has also been ‘enlarged’, passing from 50% to 80%. But the need to establish “modalities and terms of the permanence of the obligation to wear respiratory protective devices outdoors” remains the priority currently being discussed at national level.

After the announcement by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who had anticipated the request for an evaluation from the CTS, it was then the same Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who formally asked the scientists for an official and definitive opinion.

The experts will meet next week for a first meeting, from which it is not yet clear whether a single pronouncement can already emerge..

On the end of the mask obligation – for the moment only in open spaces unless you are in a situation in which it is impossible to guarantee the spacing – there are already some possible dates and the front of who pushes for the beginning of July, perhaps on the 5th, or in any case no later than the 12th of next month.

The hypothesis would be to speed up the time of the decision, but there is also a lot of caution due to the spread of variants, on which there will be more certainties only in the coming weeks.

However, it seems certain that you will be able to stay without a mask only in outdoor places and where there is no risk of crowding because, otherwise, it will definitely have to be worn.

Indirect pressure on the issue has come in recent days due to similar measures announced in Spain (since June 26) or already in force in France since last Thursday. In the rest of Europe, however, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and some German landers have never been obliged, as in the United Kingdom.

The Technical Scientific Committee is also called upon to decide on the opening of the discos, a subject on which – after a first meeting – the CTS reserved further investigations: this reopening could also be ordered by the Government from the beginning of July and certainly with the obligation of green pass. Waiting for the last region, Val D’Aosta, to be added to the rest of the country in the white zone on 28 June, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Marche, the Province of Bolzano, Sicily and Tuscany will also enter from Monday next Monday. next in the lowest risk bracket. And some governors, with the start of the tourist season, are already running for cover against the mutations of the virus: recalling the national provisions, the president of Puglia, Michele Emiliano, clarifies that “for abroad there are very strict measures for those coming from Countries that have a resurgence of variants “. Just from next Monday – according to the order of Hope – those arriving from the United Kingdom, where the Delta variant is rampant, will have to undergo a five-day quarantine. The measure will start on 21 June, but only a few hours before, a few thousand Wales fans will arrive in Rome to watch the European football match against the Azzurri. However, the threats of the virus do not come only from abroad. An outbreak involving 34 inmates was identified in the Taranto prison: a situation that made it necessary to screen the 670 restricted people in the same institution.

According to General Francesco Figliuolo, “the deliveries of doses of Pzifer in the month of July, estimated to the Regions, although they are slightly lower than expected, are substantially in line with forecasts. They should not be compared with those of June which included advances on supplies. For this reason, the overall quantity of vaccines available by September will in any case allow us to reach the goal of immunizing 80% of the population of vaccinables on schedule“.

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