A “lamb” killed in Piazza Duomo by a woman with blood on her hands

A little lamb taken away from its mother. The verses reproduced from the speakers. And finally the slaughter. Flash mob Saturday afternoon in the Cathedral of the animal rights association “Animal save”, which with an animated performance wanted to protest against what they themselves have defined as a “cruel tradition”.

The demonstrators staged the killing of a lamb and one of them then showed her blood-stained hands to passers-by to try to sensitize them.

“Even if the consumption of lamb meat in Italy, particularly during the Easter period, is strongly declining, there are still too many victims of this tradition. Last year about 2 million lambs were killed, of which only 300 thousand. during the Easter period. Most of these animals are a few weeks old, 22 days, and come from abroad “, underlined by” Animal save “, trying to turn on the lights also on the conditions in which the animals are forced to travel before death.

“The suffering of these animals is undoubted while our choices can be questioned. We want to create a world in which every celebration becomes a symbol of life and prosperity – they concluded from the association -. Let’s interrupt this useless tradition devoid of any human value. and compassion “.


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