Sicily, ‘hunting’ for the girl’s contacts with the Delta variant

Sicily, ‘hunting’ for the girl’s contacts with the Delta variant
Sicily, ‘hunting’ for the girl’s contacts with the Delta variant

PALERMO – These are hectic hours after the discovery of the Delta variant case in Sicily. A race against time. The office of the Covid commissioner in Palermo has taken charge of the matter. Several swabs have already been administered to confirmed contacts and it is hoped to trace all those who met that girl who returned from Britain positive to the most feared Covid 19 mutation. We reiterate that there is none witch hunt in place. The hunt, if anything, is for the virus, with due respect for a family and a person who are having difficult hours. This is the time for solidarity.

“We are tracking everyone”

We’re tracing all the girl’s contacts – says the inspector Renato Costa -. We have already acquired many swabs and will be sequenced. It is still too early to say anything, except that the situation, at the moment, seems to be under control ”. Why is the commissioner of Palermo dealing with the case of a young woman living in the Agrigento area? Because the path was this: the arrival by plane in Palermo, in the first days of June and the continuation home that took place with a private vehicle. No public transport was involved. And the voluntary antigen test would not be done after landing.

The Delta variant in Sicily

However, this is not the first case in Sicily. Already more than a month ago the Delta variant had been sequenced on a seafarer in Palermo and then on some migrants in Lampedusa. “The procedure was respected, as always – he said Totò Martello, mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa -. They remained on the mainland as long as necessary, without having any contact with the population, and were immediately transferred to the quarantine ship ”.

Fear in Russia

Concern is growing everywhere in the world for the Indian variant, today Delta. In Russia, 17,906 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the last 24 hours: the maximum number of infections ascertained in a single day since last January 31st. This was reported by the national anticoronavirus operations center taken over by Tass. In Moscow alone, 9,120 infections have been ascertained, the maximum so far in the capital since the beginning of the epidemic. The Delta variant was found in 89.3% of new cases of contagion in Moscow

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