special supervised beaches and parks, deserted the center

A walk in a park, as long as it is close to home. A thought evidently common to many Romans looking at any of the green areas of the city. Historic parks and villas on pre-Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday were literally stormed despite the red zone. Carabinieri, state police and local police of Roma Capitale in special service with bicycles were watched. The goal is to avoid gatherings.

Same images on the coast, where the beaches are carefully patrolled even from above with a helicopter. Avoid the crowds of the weekends at the end of February, but the people of Lido did not miss a walk or a bike ride on the cycle path along the seafront. There are also many runners on Sunday. The exodus of the Romans was avoided also thanks to the stringent controls on Via del Mare and Colombo.

The local police of Roma Capitale explains: “Particular attention has been paid to the seafront of Ostia, to the parks and historic villas of the capital where, in addition to the garrison patrols, bicycle agents are operative, especially in the usually busier locations, in order to counteracting the formation of possible gatherings. The most reported offenses concerned the illegal sale of alcohol beyond the allowed time, the administration of drinks inside the premises, the non-use of protective devices and movement without valid reason “.

You can only move for work or for justified reasons of necessity. Difficult for the Romans to self-certify a move to Ostia. Brigade and Carabinieri are deployed on the main consular to control all movements. Five thousand checks in total with 80 violations ascertained.

Lunar scenery in the center of Rome. Tourists are totally absent, the restaurants are closed, a few bicycles and cars are the masters, many of which stop for the ritual checks.


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