three 20-year-olds died, were live on Instagram during the impact

three 20-year-olds died, were live on Instagram during the impact
three 20-year-olds died, were live on Instagram during the impact

The crazy car ride with friends, the screams, then the crash. They died live on Instagram in a terrible accident on the street Casilina, in San Vittore del Lazio, Matteo Simone 19 years, Luigi Franzese, 20 years, Carlo Romanelli 19 years old, from Mignano Montelungo, traveling on an Alfa Mito, e Claudio Amato, aged 52 who was traveling in a Fiat Sedici.

One of the victims, Luigi Franzese, was live on his page Instagram when the head-on collision took place and many friends witnessed the tragedy. A very violent crash that shut down the lives of the four in a few seconds, but not the cell phone with which one of the boys was making the live broadcast. The device continued to transmit the images, not only those of the impact, but also those immediately after, when the rescuers arrived on the spot and began to work in a vain attempt to save lives. For the four there was nothing to do. On site the firefighters of the Cassino detachment.

Frosinone, accident between two cars on the Casilina, three 20-year-olds and a 50-year-old from Casertano died

The victims

The families of the boys arrived on the scene even before the rescue could avoid access to the area. Carlo Romanelli was attending the last year of classical high schoolCarducciof Cassino. In June he would have taken the final exams. The parents are well known, they are the owners of the public transport company that operates between the Cassinate and the upper Casertano. Luigi Franzese (son of a police officer serving at the Caserta police headquarters) and Matteo Simone, had attended Itis in Cassino and last year they had graduated. The three boys, great friends, lived within a few kilometers of each other. Claudio Amato, born in 1969, was driving the Fiat Idea. He went out to buy pizzas and was returning home to the hamlet of Campo Zillone. He worked in a factory in Rocca d’Evandro.

The dynamics

The front may have been caused by a risky maneuver by one of the two cars, driving in opposite directions on the road, at that point a long undulating and poorly lit straight road that may have favored excessive speed. The very violent impact took place near a bump. The cars proceeded one towards Cassino and the other towards Mignano Monte Lungo, the town in the province of Caserta from which all the victims originated. Three of the victims died instantly, a fourth in hospital. The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Cassino, who arrived immediately on the spot, are working to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident, also with the help of other motorists who may have witnessed the scene. The bodies are at the disposal of the judicial authority.

The reactions

“It’s a terrible tragedy, which has left everyone breathless, since this morning the whole city is crying ». Thus Antonio Verdone, mayor of Mignano Monte Lungo, the town in the province of Caserta from which all 4 victims of the accident that occurred yesterday evening around 20.30 on the Casilina, near San Vittore del Lazio, on the border between Lazio, originated. and Campania. “Families find themselves in pain that is difficult to overcome and the whole community is close to them, despite the red zone and the lockdown, there is a solidarity contest that in this tragedy shows how united the city is – he adds – For the funerals, when the Prosecutor’s Office will make the bodies available, we are already organizing, there will be a lot of people and we will have to take into account the pandemic emergency, so we are thinking of keeping them in an open area and for that day I will proclaim city mourning “.

The deputy mayor Vincenzo Teoli, who went to the scene of the incident yesterday in Serra with the mayor, was also very shaken. «What we have seen is unprecedented, we and the whole community are in shock – he says – They were all golden boys, very respectable, with whom we shared beautiful moments together. This morning I don’t even want to set foot outside the house – he concludes – I just want to stay close to my family and give help for what we can ».

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