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also use the spies against the League – Il Tempo

also use the spies against the League – Il Tempo
also use the spies against the League – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

04 April 2021

Question: but if the Democratic Party has it so much with Matteo Salvini, why is it mostly together? Couldn’t he have told Sergio Mattarella first? Now they even blame the leader of the League for the war of spies – with quite extravagant outlines, to tell the truth – between Italy and Russia.

It is not at all normal for the trafficking between Walter Biot and his Russian cronies to become the subject of very hard controversy stirred up to hurt within the coalition that has decided to govern the country together on input from the Head of State. The crimes charged to the carabiniere accused of being an unfaithful servant of Italy are very heavy, if committed. And it is all the more serious that they are shaken in a coarse manner by an exponent of the parliamentary majority.

It is Andrea Romano of the Democratic Party, the usual, to stick his fingers in the eyes of the leader of the League and in a really heavy way. The Piddino deputy directly calls into question Salvini, who “must clarify as soon as possible the relations between the League and Alexei Nemudrov, the Russian diplomat who, together with Dmitri Ostrouchov, coordinated the spy network that would have enlisted the unfaithful officer Walter Biot and who was recently expelled from our country “.

Mr Romano does not ask himself why we are now learning about a story that has been going on for several months. And that if anything it could be hypothesized – with his own sufficiency – that the turning point in the investigations came only after the incredible ballet of Giuseppe Conte who did not want to give up the delegation on services ended.

Obviously, Romano eats the favorite newspaper for left-wing propaganda, “La Repubblica”, attributes a high-quality investigation to him because he puts Salvini in the middle as always, once again for his usual relations with Gianluca Savoini.

The deputy of the Democratic Party says he is certain of the links between Russian diplomats and the League, without a single shred of proof. The important thing is to attack.

The League’s reply, entrusted to a note, is almost obvious, precisely in order not to poison the climate too much on a question that concerns the security of the state without forcing Salvini to intervene: “Russian spies with the Democratic Party? The only certainty in this bad story is that Biot, the Italian soldier who betrayed, worked in the Ministry of Defense when the minister was from the Democratic Party. Letta clarify! “. Because of the poison served up by Andrea Romano, it is evident that the response of those who are wrongly brought up can only be piqued.

Because it is really inappropriate to play politically – as the leader of the Democratic Party did – on such delicate issues.

Minister Lorenzo Guerini seems to have understood this, who limits himself to ensuring that “if someone is wrong, their behavior will be severely sanctioned, but those are not the reference values ​​of the armed forces, I believe this is in the conscience of the Italians”.

However, this does not detract from the gravity of Andrea Romano’s words, which risks putting the government in difficulty, because the request of the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, is normal for the executive to report to Parliament on what is happening. On the contrary: Meloni asks that Mario Draghi do it himself, putting him in difficulty right after Romano’s words.

But for the Democratic Party – in particular since Enrico Letta arrived at their top – the priority seems to be to attack Matteo Salvini in every way, they seem really obsessed with him.

Probably their goal is to make the league’s number one lose his nerves, with actions and behaviors bordering on provocative. But in the statements he made in recent days, Salvini showed that he understood the game and did not want to fall for it. And it will continue with its political initiative without having to answer to the Democratic Party. Who even takes advantage of this curious war of spies …

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