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NEW WEEK BETWEEN HOT HOT AND STRONG STORM: The beginning of the last ten days of June will be characterized by extreme conditions on Italy, both from the climatic point of view for the heat that will intensify touching peaks above 40 ° C, which below the meteorological one for the development of severe thunderstorms who will be able to create critical issues already starting on Sunday. This unfortunately happens when it is not the Azores anticyclone but the African one that leads the summer reins. an anticyclone that develops mainly vertically (latitude) often creating the conditions for a comparison between air masses of very different origins. And that’s exactly what will happen in the week of June 21-27. The anticyclonic dome that from North Africa will extend to our Peninsula will have to confront to the west with the action of an Atlantic cavity that will interfere with the very hot air producing even violent thunderstorms. At the same time hot temperatures will affect the rest of the Peninsula, complicated by high humidity rates which will make the heat oppressive not only during the day but even at night.

WHERE THE CRITICALITIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE TEMPORALS – To risk more phenomena of some importance they will be the central western alpine and pre-alpine areas. In the first place Piedmont Alps / Prealps, Aosta Valley, western Lombard Alps / Prealps. To a lesser extent but still at risk Trentino Alto Adige and the Veneto Dolomites. From this picture the sectors of the high plains are not entirely excluded above all Piedmontese and Lombardy that could be affected by the overrun of the storms from the Alpine sectors. Impossible right now to better characterize these areas, as always you will find all the details in the 24-48 hour forecast.

WHERE THE HOT AFOSO: the areas that will be affected by muggy heat even oppressive will be the Valpadana and in particular the areas close to the Adriatic coast. The coasts all from Liguria to the islands and the coastal hinterland up to 5-10km from the coast. The absolute values ​​of temperature may fluctuate between 28-32 ° of the coast and 33-35 of the coastal hinterland but the perceived temperatures will be much higher with values ​​even higher than 40-43 ° C.

WHERE THE HOT TORRIDO: the areas most subject to scorching heat will be the hills (400-600m) and the innermost plains such as the Tavoliere, the Salento, the plain of Catania, the Iglesiente, the Cosentino. Here the values ​​of the mercury column will also touch the 40°C, even higher from mid-week in Sicily and Puglia where values ​​up to 42-43 ° C are not excluded.

WHEN IT WILL END’? – although a thermal downsizing is expected in the North in the second part of the week, we believe that the thermal values ​​will still be accompanied by high humidity levels so it will not be possible to speak of cool. The great heat will last instead in the Center and especially in the South until Thursday, then a slight downsizing of the values ​​is expected but not very perceptible, waiting for a new African flare from Sunday.

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