Salita dei Parioli, after 7 years the suggestive walk of Roma bene reopens

Salita dei Parioli, after 7 years the suggestive walk of Roma bene reopens
Salita dei Parioli, after 7 years the suggestive walk of Roma bene reopens

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June 19, 2021 9:49 am

“On Monday 21 June at 10.00 we will return the Salita dei Parioli to the citizens. A suggestive road from a landscape point of view, closed since 1985, which climbs from Viale Tiziano towards Monte Parioli”. This is what we read in a note from the Municipality of Rome II which thus announces the completed restyling of the Roma bene promenade. “The reopening – declares the President Francesca Del Bello – is the result of a great synergy between institutions, a considerable commitment of the municipal Technical Directorate and a common effort aimed at speeding up the times, not only of the works, but also of the bureaucracy. Finally – adds Del Bello – we have unblocked a long-standing and no longer postponable situation ”.

The Salita dei Parioli had been closed for some time due to static consolidation of the embankments, carried out by the Lazio Region and followed by those for lighting by Acea and now reopens for one-way vehicle transit. The works, which began in 2015 and financed by the Lazio Region, also served to contain the so-called Monte Parioli which collapsed towards Viale Tiziano in 2007, on a front of about 40 meters. The hill, in fact, has been hit by hydrogeological instability phenomena, made even more serious by climate change.

Interventions concluded in 2019 that awaited the testing by the Contracting Bodies for the concrete opening of the road. “In this circumstance – the President recalls – the Municipality II took an active part in formalizing the technical documentation of the perfect execution of the works. Later, to make it usable in complete safety, we proceeded to carry out an extraordinary intervention on the lateral vegetation that had now completely invaded the road “. Furthermore, it was necessary to “restore the carriageway as well as the complete reconstruction of the horizontal and vertical signs. Interventions carried out by the Municipality of Rome II to make one of the most beautiful and romantic streets in the area usable and practicable “.


Salita dei Parioli years suggestive walk Roma bene reopens

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