Delta variant: China, Russia, Great Britain. What’s happening – Foreign

Delta variant: China, Russia, Great Britain. What’s happening – Foreign
Delta variant: China, Russia, Great Britain. What’s happening – Foreign

Beijing, June 19, 2021 – Fears are growing for the Delta variant, much more contagious than the previous ones, in many countries. In Russia, the situation risks precipitating and countermeasures are also taking place in China, the epicenter of the pandemic. In the meantime, Italy triggers the quarantine for flights from Great Britain.

Delta variant: here are the symptoms


The Chinese airport of Shenzhen canceled hundreds of flights and tightened arrival controls after a restaurant employee turned up positive for Covid with the Delta variant (so called Indian). To enter the airport you now need a negative virus test done in the last 48 hours, the management explained on their WeChat account. The health authorities of the city have specified that a 21-year-old waitress contracted the virus. The positivity to the fearful new variant was discovered during a routine check carried out on the airport staff. Shenzhen, a Chinese city of 12 million inhabitants located near Hong Kong, is home to some of the largest Asian tech companies, including Huawei and Tencent. On Friday, China recorded 30 new cases of Covid, 6 of which in the southern province of Guangdong, where Shenzhen is located.

Covid, the bulletin of June 19


The situation is also complicated in Russia. Moscow records a new record of Covid cases: they have been 9.120 in the last 24 hours, the highest number recorded in a day since the start of the pandemic. The previous record was yesterday with 9,056 cases. The deaths in the last 24 hours in the Russian capital were 76. In the capital, a partial vaccination obligation. In Russia they have been confirmed 17,906 new cases of Covid-19 in one day: the maximum number of infections ascertained in a single day since last January 31st.

Moscow mayor, Serghei Sobyanin, reported yesterday that 89.3% of the capital’s coronavirus patients have the Delta variant. The country registered a 30% increase in new cases he admissions to the hospital for one hospitalization they increased by 32.5%. According to the AFP, which cites the Gogov website, in Russia they have received at least a dose of vaccine about 19 million people out of a population of approximately 146 million inhabitants.

Great Britain

Eyes also on Great Britain, where on June 18 there was a slight slowdown in the rebound of contagions fueled by the variant. New cases have dropped to less than 10.500 in 24 hours against over 11,000 yesterday (peak from the end of February) on about one million swabs performed. This is certified by the data of the health authorities released by the government, which also indicate a slight decrease in the deaths recorded on the last day (11 against 19 yesterday) and a limited increase for now in the total number of people hospitalized to date for Covid in all departments of all British hospitals up to around 1,150. In the meantime, the vaccine race continues at European record levels with the expansion of administrations this morning also to all over 18. The sum of injected doses updated to last night has risen to almost 73.5 million, with just under 42 million and half of people vaccinated with the first dose (now 80.6% of the entire adult population residing in the Kingdom) and nearly 31 million boosters.

Close against the Delta variant. “Quarantine for flights from London”

The other countries

Also in Spain and Turkey, where the epidemiological curve still fails to flex, the Delta variant seems to have a leading role.

Delta variant in Italy: here are the regions where it circulates the most. Map with updated data

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