“Lousy Behavior” – Libero Quotidiano

“Lousy Behavior” – Libero Quotidiano
“Lousy Behavior” – Libero Quotidiano

The case of Denise Pipitone a Fourth Degree in the episode of June 18 aired on Network 4. E Piera Maggio harshly attacked the conductor Gianluigi Nuzzi for the tones and ways in which the case of his daughter, who died in Mazara del Vallo in 2004, was treated. Carmelo Abbate, who said he did not believe in the hypothesis of kidnapping by Anna Corona and Jessica Pulizzi.

Abbate has in fact defended the two main suspects of the kidnapping of the child, it is “materially impossible,” he said. According to him, the police should no longer go to the Crown house: “And what motive should Jessica have? Put yourself in her shoes, she was a 12 year old girl. They see the father infratted with another woman, the country murmurs and the man swears to his daughters that he has no mistress. Then this donna (Piera Maggio, ed) gets pregnant and what should Jessica think of the lady who had taken her father away from her? ”.

Words that infuriated the Maggio. Who wrote a message on Facebook against Fourth Degree and also posted a screenshot of a message sent to Nuzzi on Whatsapp. For her it was everything “shameful, lousy behavior” used against him by Abbate. He also pointed the finger at the conductor who did not intervene: “But how do you feel to denigrate a mother who has been kidnapped a child, trying to justify the violence,” he wrote.

Piera Maggio defined last night’s intervention “of one shameful squalor, you know nothing about my life and you make me pass for a frivolous, light and emotionless woman ”.

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Lousy Behavior Libero Quotidiano

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