Garda, a young man falls into the water and dies: during the rescue they steal bags and backpacks

June 19, 2021 1:38 pm

Some kids took advantage of the general distraction and, a few meters from the police who intervened for the accident, they raided the beach in Castelnuovo

Health and law enforcement were all on the pier, and with them also many bathers, when the group of very young people took advantage of the general distraction to raid what was abandoned on the shore by those who were bathing or sunbathing, as he says ” The Arena “.

Those who witnessed the raid spoke of “scenes from the Bronx” that occurred a few meters from the police who were desperately trying to save the 23-year-old. The kids, say the local exhibitors, have long been targeting the tourists of the town of Castelnuovo. During the rescue of the young man, the clothes and documents that the victim had left on the beach also disappeared.


Garda young man falls water dies rescue steal bags backpacks

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