what’s behind Giorgia Rossi’s passage to Dazn – Libero Quotidiano

what’s behind Giorgia Rossi’s passage to Dazn – Libero Quotidiano
what’s behind Giorgia Rossi’s passage to Dazn – Libero Quotidiano

The deal seems safe to carry on dazn the face of Giorgia Rossi. Mediaset journalist, blonde, beautiful and competent who has conducted in recent seasons Pressing Serie A e Pressing Champions League, with great authority. A step that does not seem new given the close link between Dazn and Mediaset. Since last year, most of Dazn’s commentators have been drawn from the journalists of the biscione group, starting with Pierluigi Pardo. Without forgetting that the agreement signed between Digitalia’08 (Mediaset Group) and Dazn for the advertising sales of Serie A for the next three years, the one relating to 2021-2024, has been announced.

It should only be noted that for Berlusconi’s company it is a bad blow. Mediaset had focused heavily on the journalist. The future in the company seemed in his hands. First evenings, events and visibility, they have obviously been of little use. He greets everyone and goes to Dazn. Gone are the times “when the landing at Mediaset represented a point of arrival. Now more like a ferry, which instead leads to better and far more profitable shores”, writes the Time.

The arrival of Giorgia Rossi is complementary to the situation of Diletta Leotta which seems to be destined to leave Dazn even if it is not yet clear what its future destination may be. “It seems that Diletta Leotta leaves Dazn, she has not renewed her contract and will probably no longer be the face of the broadcaster next season. Where he will go I do not know, maybe he will work with Can Yaman in a film or in a TV series ”, Mediaset journalist Sandro Sabatini revealed on Twitch. Leotta may wish to continue her career in the world of conducting and entertainment in general elsewhere. Just in these days it came out “Celebrity Hunted 2 – Man Hunt” on Amazon Prime Video the reality show in which VIPs have to escape without being reached, where Diletta is part of a stellar cast, from Achille Lauro to Boss Doms, from Elodie to Myss Keta, up to Stefano Accorsi and Vanessa Incontrada.

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whats Giorgia Rossis passage Dazn Libero Quotidiano

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