over 60 or under in which single-dose is preferable

over 60 or under in which single-dose is preferable
over 60 or under in which single-dose is preferable

Janssen’s single-dose Covid vaccine (Johnson & Johnson group) is recommended for people over 60, but the benefit-risk ratio of its use could be favorable even in under 60s in whom single-dose vaccination is preferable. This is the meaning of the clarification contained in the circular with which the Ministry of Health, in addition to giving the green light to the AstraZeneca recall for those under 60 who refuse the mix with an mRna product, also provides clarifications on how to use the Janssen vaccine.

With an opinion sent on 11 June last, we read in the circular signed by the Director General of Prevention, Giovanni Rezza, “the CTS has recommended the Janssen vaccine for subjects over the age of 60, also in light of what was defined by the Technical Scientific Commission of Aifa “. In fact, since it is an adenoviral vaccine like that of AstraZeneca, the same precautionary principle also applies to J&J aimed at avoiding the rare risk of Vitt (vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia) in the younger population. However, the text continues, “the CTS has also provided for the possibility that specific situations arise in which the advantageous conditions of single administration are evident, and that, in the absence of other options, the Janssen vaccine should be preferentially used, subject to the opinion of the Territorially competent ethics committee “.

“In particular – specifies the circular – the vaccine in question could be administered in certain circumstances, such as in the case of specific vaccination campaigns for non-permanent populations and / or characterized by high labor mobility and, more generally, for the so-called ‘hard to reach’ population groups. In fact, in these circumstances, already indicated by the CTS, considering the criticalities relating to the logistics and timing of the administration of a two-dose vaccine cycle, the benefit / risk ratio of administering the Janssen vaccine in subjects under the age of 60 it could be favorable “.


singledose preferable

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