14 fines for minicars in Latina

14 fines for minicars in Latina
14 fines for minicars in Latina

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June 19, 2021 1:23 pm

Police activity continues with particular attention to safety on the roads and places most frequented by young people. In recent days, the men of the Flying Squad of the Police Headquarters, assisted by colleagues from the Traffic Police, have been particularly involved in Latina in theoperation called “High Impact”.

Numerous checks on the road and in the places of the move. During the operation, numerous checkpoints were carried out; 141 people were identified, 82 vehicles checked and 41 breathalyser checks carried out. In total they were high 14 minutes for violations of the highway code against as many minicar drivers, two of which were placed under administrative seizure due to lack of insurance coverage, 5 for excessive speed, 2 for non-functioning lights and another 5 minutes were raised due to loud music or because more passengers were traveling inside the vehicles than allowed .

During the operation they were ii two people reported including a 50-year-old for evasion: already subjected to house arrest, during a previous check at his home he was not found. Another man was instead charged for unjustified possession of edged weapons.


fines minicars Latina

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