Twenty-year-old killed to protect his mother in Ogliastra, Mirko received a posthumous diploma

June 19, 2021 10:18 am

The young man attended the Ianas Hospitality Institute in Tortolì, he was very keen on completing his studies. The commission: “We gave him 100, why having saved his mother’s life what is it worth if not the maximum?”

The institute decided to organize the ceremony on the day when the 20-year-old should have graduated from high school. In addition, a plaque was also dedicated to the young man, which reads: “To Mirko Farci, in memory of his gesture, a great life lesson for us”. The diploma parchment was delivered to the maternal aunt, Stefania, and to the brother of the young Mirko.

“It is a special day for the Ianas Institute, the exams of the VA kitchen, the class of Mirko Farci, have ended. He cared about the school, his classmates and achieving this goal”, wrote the headmaster Gian Battista Usai, as reported


Twentyyearold killed protect mother Ogliastra Mirko received posthumous diploma

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