Covid-19 could also infect the testicles: science says so

Covid-19 could also infect the testicles: science says so
Covid-19 could also infect the testicles: science says so

Coronavirus can cause testicular infections. This was discovered by scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), who published the results of their work in the journal Microorganisms. Lo study was conducted on some hamsters and, as the authors point out, it could contribute to the explanation of the ailments experienced by some Covid-19 patients, who have reported testicular pain or a decrease in testosterone levels. Head of the study Rafael Kroon Campos, holder of a research grant at the laboratory of Shannan Rossi, of the UTMB, which has been dealing with the infection of the Zika virus in the testicles for years. The team found SARS-CoV-2 in the testes of all infected hamsters during the first week, but the viral activity levels gradually decreased.

The consequences of the Coronavirus on the testicles

“Given the enormous spread of the pandemic – he has declared Crown Camposit is essential to investigate how Covid-19 can affect male reproductive health “. “Our work could be a first step in understanding how new coronavirus disease can affect the male genital tract – Rossi observed instead – but it is too early to have the full picture of the implications for sexuality, since we started from an animal model. In future studies, we will try to investigate these aspects and the impact of drugs, antibody therapies, antivirals and vaccines ”. Scientists pointed out that modeling of conditions associated with more acute symptoms and comorbidities in relation to the impact of the disease on human testes will also be useful.


Covid19 infect testicles science

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