“Wash of head to Hope, never seen like this” – Libero Quotidiano

“Wash of head to Hope, never seen like this” – Libero Quotidiano
“Wash of head to Hope, never seen like this” – Libero Quotidiano

Chaos AstraZeneca also scratched Mario Draghi and his proverbial imperturbability. The background from Palazzo Chigi refers to a “polite and courteous” but “furious” prime minister Roberto Speranza and the experts of the Cts, once again in no particular order on vaccines. And so it was necessary for Draghi himself to unbalance himself, at the cost of risking the media fool for the latest turnaround, announcing that he himself will undergo a recall “heterologist”. That is to say: the second dose can be done with a different serum from that used for the first. While leaving freedom of choice to those who want to keep AstraZeneca also for the recall, duly “informed” of any risks to their health and with the prior consent of the doctor.

A medical mess that eventually became political too. Second the newspaper, Draghi complained to CTS and the Minister of Health the inability to take the reins of the issue in hand. A few hours earlier, however, the same Gianni Rezza e Silvio Brusaferro, Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health and President of the ISS, had fueled new doubts. Hence the urgent convocation of a “flying” press conference, with Speranza himself, increasingly lost, and the extraordinary commissioner, the general Francesco Figliuolo, which did not hide the “perplexities” for the continuous line changes on AZ. “The heterologous vaccination works – swears the premier -. I myself am booked on Tuesday to be a heterologous”. The first dose of AstraZeneca “produced low antibodies and so I am advised to be heterologous, which works for me and also for those who have less than 60 years old“.

Draghi and Figliuolo seem to be the only ones to have sensed the real risk behind the AstraZeneca chaos: that vaccination campaign of the calls got stuck, messing up what has been done in recent months, with enormous political, communicative and organizational efforts. And on the eve of what no one, for now, admits outside the teeth: the risk of one new wave of infections related to Delta variant, the so-called “Indian” which has become predominant in Great Britain and which, according to experts, will soon supplant all other forms of virus in the rest of Europe, including Italy.

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Wash Hope Libero Quotidiano

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