Covid, Zambon’s “truth” in a 1,500-page memoir filed with the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office

Covid, Zambon’s “truth” in a 1,500-page memoir filed with the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office
Covid, Zambon’s “truth” in a 1,500-page memoir filed with the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office

The version by Francesco Zambon is in 1,532 pages which – according to reports from the Adnkronos – would now be in the prosecutors of Bergamo, who investigate on several fronts to shed light on the management of the pandemic in what turned out to be one of the first most hard hit by Covid-19 in Italy.

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A work of investigation that has gradually expanded, turning on the spotlight also on critical points such as the failure to update the pandemic plan and other aspects still to be clarified. In his documents, the former official of the World Health Organization wanted to collect the reconstruction of everything that has happened since the day in which, within the UN agency for health, it was decided to produce the report on the first response of Italy at Covid-19, until the day of publication and its subsequent withdrawal, in May 2020.

It is the first time that the expert provides all the documents he is in possession of to reconstruct the story that saw him as the protagonist. And his lawyer, Vittore d’Acquarone, explains the meaning of the initiative to Adnkronos: «Francesco is not under investigation. As a person informed of the facts, he wanted to provide all the available material, a sheet accompanied by all the relative attachments with which he reconstructed in analytical terms, to the best of his knowledge, the whole path ». An initiative that comes after another memorandum was filed in the same offices, in this case defensive. That of the former WHO deputy director, Ranieri Guerra, under investigation for false information to the prosecutor.

Zambon used provided emails and internal documents, with which «he reconstructed minute by minute what communications were related to the relationship. He brought everything he has, to give a complete picture. For a moment, let’s give credit to the argument that Zambon produced a poor quality report, published it without being authorized, and then blamed the publication on his superiors. If that had been the case – D’Acquarone reasons – they would have fired him the next day. Instead he received no disciplinary reminder and even at the time of his resignation he received very high ratings as an official, like those of previous years. And, on the other hand, the WHO and Guerra did not say anything until autumn 2020. This thesis arises months after the withdrawal. In our opinion, the reasons were other. Zambon suspected them or deduced them from some facts since May 2020. And the chats between Guerra, Brusaferro and Zaccardi emerged in 2021 some questions, if nothing else, they must ask you ».

As for the comments made on the report, D’Acquarone clarifies, “the final evaluation of the highest body of the WHO, which was only interested in the Covid era of publications, had considerations on the style and considerations on the ‘China box'” relating to the early days of Sars-CoV-2, «but they were not conditioning with respect to publication. So Zambon did not consider making changes on the style. On the China box he did his checks and then published. The go-ahead comes from the fact that the final approval was an unconditional approval. The decision to publish the report as soon as possible was shared by all ».

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