Agricamper Italia, for the incoming summer at 52%

With an increase in bookings of +800% compared to May 2020, the rural tourism formula launched by the app Agricamper Italia confirms the positive trend of a tourism that never before looks for alternative destinations, of proximity, more in contact with nature and with the discovery of the beauties and excellences offered by the Italian peninsula. In this early summer season, the 47% of Italian families and couples of the Agricamper Italia community, is looking for a sustainable holiday, where authenticity and local flavor are the perfect combination for a short weekend or a week break on board a camper.

The desire to travel is back and the data collected by the platform shows that the percentage of incoming between May and the first two weeks of June, is around 52%, with a preponderant presence of German travelers, which comes to 62% and the most sought-after structures to date are in Veneto and Tuscany. Among agricultural campsites, farms and wineries, dairies and ancient mills, they are beyond 200 structures. “The possibility of discovering local peculiarities, experiencing firsthand what it means to km 0 quickly creates a bond of respect both in the traveler and in the host –explains Pauline Nava, founder of Agricamper Italia- For this reason they are constantly looking for structures that, due to their peculiarities, can give emotions and memories “.

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